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New Zealand's Unique Flora

Native Garden

The isolation of the New Zealand islands has allowed unique ecosystems to develop.

  • Our unique alpine plant species and learn how they survive the harsh conditions of their environment.
  • Our lush fern glades that dominate the wetter regions of our country.
  • New Zealand divaricating plants, and learn why they have developed a tangled growth habit.

NZ owned and operated

Terms of booking on our website

Cancellations must be made with at least 48 hours notice. Cancellations after this time, or failure to arrive, will be liable for the full amount of the booking.Your provided credit card will be securely captured at the time of booking, via a non-refundable, PCI-DSS compliant transaction of our $4 card security fee.
Payment for accommodation is to be undertaken at the time of your stay. No charges for your accommodation is taken at time of booking; the card provided at time of booking will only be charged later in the event of breach of cancellation policy or other violation.
Any violation of individual property's terms and conditions (such as room damage) may result in subsequent charges being made to the credit card you provided at time of booking.
We operate a 100% PCI-DSS card security industry compliant system, to eliminate risk of online fraud when doing transactions with us.
On completion of your online reservation, you are emailed a confirmation notice to the email address you provide, and also provided with a printable confirmation page.
Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guest of 18 years or over.
Smoking is not allowed in any room on the property. If you do smoke, then you may be charged appropriate cleaning and loss of income charges.
No visitors are allowed in rooms after 10pm. Any damage to the room or property may be charged, plus a charge for any resultant loss of income if applicable.

Cancelling a booking

Please contact us to cancel your booking. Contact details are available in your confirmation email, and also on this website.

Privacy Policy

Your personal details, and details of your reservation, will be not be provided your details to any other party. Your credit card details are unavailable for viewing by anybody, but remain able to be used to perform future transactions only between Sherborne Motor Lodge and the cardholder.